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Dreamed of a Positive Pregnancy Test | Highlights the Unexpected Nature

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Dreaming about a positive pregnancy is typically viewed as a symbol of fertility and change, unless the dream evokes devastation upon discovering the pregnancy. In such cases, it may signify feeling unprepared for a significant transformation in life. These dreams, though vivid and convincing, don’t necessarily reflect actual pregnancy. Yet, they offer insights into subconscious thoughts and emotions, sparking curiosity about their meaning.

Why do I sometimes dream about being pregnant?

Dreaming about being pregnant isn’t a confirmation of actual pregnancy. Pregnancy tests, such as Clearblue, offer over 99% accuracy in detecting pregnancy. Dreams, occurring mainly during REM sleep, are still largely mysterious. However, studies show that a significant percentage of pregnant women experience dreams related to pregnancy, childbirth, or babies, indicating a common theme in their dreamscape.

What do pregnancy dreams mean when you’re not pregnant?

Honestly? There’s no scientific evidence linking any truth or meaning to dreaming about pregnancy when you’re not pregnant. In fact, according to a 2010 study in Trends in Cognitive Sciences, dreams may be more closely linked to imagination than to perception.4

If you already know that you’re pregnant

Dreaming about a positive test

If you already know that you’re pregnant, dreaming about a positive test can be a little confusing. After all, one of the most common interpretations of a dream about a positive pregnancy test is that you are going to get pregnant in the near future. While it might seem a little weird, it’s actually a good thing for someone who’s already pregnant to dream about a positive test. You can take this as a positive omen that your pregnancy will go well. It could also simply mean that you’re happy that you’re pregnant, and your subconscious is recalling a positive memory.

Dreaming about a negative test

Having a dream about a negative test can be a little scary if you’re pregnant. Some women might take this as a bad sign. However, you should remember that it’s just a dream and doesn’t guarantee that something bad will happen. It could simply be that your subconscious is exploring what might have happened if you hadn’t gotten pregnant.

Dreaming about positive pregnancy tests

Literal interpretations

You’re pregnant

The most common interpretation of a dream about a positive pregnancy test is simple: you’re pregnant in real life. Many women have these dreams when they’re pregnant, even if they haven’t yet taken a pregnancy test in real life. This is simply your body telling your subconscious that you’re pregnant.

If you’ve had this dream, especially if you’ve had it a couple of times, it’s a good idea to get a pregnancy test. Just be prepared for both possibilities. Dreaming about a positive pregnancy test doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re pregnant.

You want to have a baby.

Another common interpretation of a positive pregnancy test dream is that you want to have a baby. This may not come as a surprise if you already know that you want to have a baby (especially if you and your partner are already actively trying to get pregnant). However, you may want to stop and think for a minute if you haven’t consciously decided that you want to get pregnant. Maybe you really do want to have a baby deep down.

Spiritual interpretations

You’re embarking on a new journey.

Dreams often have a deeper spiritual meaning instead of a surface-level meaning. If you keep having dreams about positive pregnancy tests, but none of the surface-level meanings discussed above seem to fit, try a spiritual interpretation.

Dreaming about positive pregnancy tests may mean that you are about to embark on a new journey in your life. This could be starting a business, moving to a new state, or changing careers. Keep yourself open for whatever life throws your way.

You’re about to start a new relationship.

A dream about a positive pregnancy test could mean that you’re about to start a new relationship. Many women take this to mean that they are about to meet the person that they will have children with. However, this new relationship could also be a close friendship.

OK, but still — can we talk about pregnancy dream interpretations for fun (please)?

Just to reiterate — there is zero scientific evidence to back up any of the following pregnancy dream interpretations. Still, talking with family members or friends, or doing a quick search online, will lead you to dozens of myths on what your particular pregnancy dream might mean. 

Here are some of the most prevalent myths we found:

  • You’re experiencing something new and exciting in your life.
  • You’re going through a life change that is causing anxiety.
  • You’re experiencing personal growth.
  • You’ve been feeling extra creative lately.
  • Your subconscious is responding to your role as a caretaker in real life.
  • You’re thinking about having a baby, you really want to have a baby or the thought of getting pregnant right now terrifies you.
  • You might just need to pee in the middle of the night!
  • If, in your dream, you’re in the late stages of pregnancy or are about to go into labor, you might be about to achieve a goal or a long-held dream, or you might be anticipating a reward after a long period of patience and hard work.
  • If you’ve been stressed lately, those stressful feelings may overflow into your dream, where a surprise pregnancy would complicate your life even more.
  • If, in your dream, you experience morning sickness, something in your life may be making you uneasy.
  • If, in your dream, you’re pregnant with multiples, you may have a lot going on in your life.
  • If you dream you’re pregnant with a nonhuman, something in your life may be confusing you.

What if I still can’t shake the feeling that I’m pregnant?

If you’ve dreamed about being pregnant and think there’s a chance you might actually be pregnant, reach out to your doctor and take a pregnancy test. Early Digital provides early detection of the pregnancy hormone (human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG) and is over 99% accurate from the day you expect your period.1

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