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Gym With Childcare | Successfully Run a Gym With Childcare

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A gym with childcare is super helpful for parents. It’s hard for them to go to the gym when they have kids to take care of. But with childcare at the gym, parents can work out without worrying about their kids. That makes the gym more appealing to families. Plus, it’s a good way to promote healthy living for everyone. More people, especially families, will be encouraged to join gyms and stay fit together, which is important as more people struggle with obesity.

Gym With Childcare Options

When planning your gym’s childcare program, consider who you want to cater to and how much you can spend on it. Survey your current members to see if they’d use childcare services. Focus on meeting the needs of existing members first within your budget, then think about attracting new ones. Create a Facebook group for parents using the childcare services to connect and plan workouts while their kids play. Building a community around your gym helps keep clients happy and their memberships longer.

Kids Exercise With Their Parents

Encouraging children to exercise from a young age is crucial for their health. For kids aged 8 and up, offer exercise programs where they can join their parents. Design a curriculum with fun and engaging exercises suitable for children and adults. Younger kids can enjoy supervised activities in childcare, promoting socialization and making gym visits enjoyable for the whole family. My experience at my dad’s CrossFit gym inspired me to set fitness goals early on, showing the positive impact of family workouts. Whether joining in CrossFit routines or following exercise videos together, these experiences create lasting memories and promote a healthy lifestyle for children.

Classes for Kids and With Kids

Promoting kids’ fitness classes is a great way to attract new members to your gym. Consider offering Les Mills virtual classes tailored for different age groups and activities to provide various options. Additionally, gives classes where kids can join their parents, segmented by age. It approach saves time and resources compared to a separate childcare service. Ensure instructors are certified to teach children, prioritizing safety and quality instruction. By offering these options, you appeal to new clients and provide kids with positive exercise experiences.

Non-Supervised Childcare Centers

Gyms with unsupervised childcare can work if members understand the rules and can monitor their kids from anywhere in the gym. This requires a secure, separate area visible from the main gym. Costs mainly involve buying equipment and making minor renovations. However, clear liability standards are crucial. This approach may restrict the ages of children accepted and limit parent interest compared to supervised options.

Supervised Childcare

Supervised childcare allows for a broader age range but puts the gym liable for the children. Hiring two or more employees for supervision is necessary, possibly saving costs by aligning hours with peak times for parents. Caregivers should keep kids active during workouts, making this service more attractive and safer than unsupervised options. Based on member feedback, offering childcare on selected days can optimize service and attract new clients effectively.

Insurance and Licensing

When setting up childcare services, exploring insurance options is crucial. Contact your current insurance provider for guidance or research specialized insurers such as Markel, K & K, Secura, or Reinig Insurance Solutions. Implementing a system for tracking and managing children’s attendance, like KidCheck, can reduce liability. KidCheck offers features like automated messages to parents, tracking parent locations during emergencies, and managing payments for childcare sessions. This software also stores essential information like allergies for caregivers’ reference.

Terms and Agreements for a Gym With Childcare

Establishing terms and agreements for childcare services at your gym is crucial for liability protection. Your insurance provider can assist in identifying necessary gaps in coverage and help draft waivers for parents to sign. Utilize resources like daycare contract templates to formulate agreements tailored to your gym’s needs. Additionally, research state regulations for licensing childcare facilities to ensure compliance. Explore resources to understand the specific requirements and regulations relevant to childcare services in your state. This comprehensive approach will help ensure legal and operational adherence to childcare standards.

Your Audience Know

Learn about your gym’s new childcare services on Google and local listings. Research articles on gyms with childcare in your area to understand competition and attract attention. Analyze competitors’ offerings and reviews to find ways to stand out. Be creative in designing your childcare services to create a unique selling point. Embrace this opportunity for significant growth for your gym.


Starting a childcare service at your gym won’t require a hefty initial investment and can boost revenue. You can add a membership fee or charge hourly, quickly covering supervision and equipment costs. As childcare is necessary for parents, making your gym family-friendly will attract more members. Embrace this opportunity to impact families and enhance your gym’s appeal positively.

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