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Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines | A Guide for Non-Custodial Parents in Indiana

Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

If you find yourself seeking to adjust your parenting time arrangement in Indiana, there are steps you can take to bolster your case in court. Under IC § 31-17-4-2, modification of parenting time is permissible if it serves the child’s best interests. To demonstrate that more time with your child is warranted, consider the following strategies:

Understanding of Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines are a set of rules that outline when and how children will spend time with each parent after a divorce or separation. They provide a schedule for weekdays, weekends, holidays, and vacations to ensure both parents have meaningful time with their children. These guidelines help parents and courts create consistent and fair parenting plans prioritizing the child’s well-being.

Understanding Parenting

Engage with Your Child’s School

Actively participate in your child’s education by getting to know their teachers, attending school events, and utilizing school communication channels. Remember, Indiana law grants custodial and non-custodial parents equal access to school records, so seize the opportunity to be involved.

Participate in Activities

Take on roles such as a coach or group leader to actively engage in your child’s extracurricular activities. Community involvement benefits your child and demonstrates your commitment to their well-being, potentially leading to increased parenting time.

Attend Medical Appointments

Stay informed about your child’s healthcare needs by attending medical appointments whenever possible. Demonstrating your involvement in their medical care showcases your dedication to their overall welfare.

Consider Proximity

Living near your child’s primary residence can facilitate more frequent and seamless parenting time exchanges. Factors such as ease of transportation to school and flexibility in scheduling visits may influence the court’s decision regarding parenting time modifications.

Ensure Timely School Attendance

If you have midweek overnight visits, prioritize getting your child to school on time the next day. Consistently demonstrating your ability to fulfil parental responsibilities, such as ensuring punctual school attendance, strengthens your case for increased parenting time.

Seize Additional Parenting Time Opportunities 

Take advantage of opportunities for additional parenting time, such as holiday breaks or periods when your child would otherwise be in daycare. Adhering to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines and maximizing available time with your child demonstrates your commitment to fostering a meaningful relationship.

Maintain Cooperative Communication

Keep communication with the other parent focused on the children and avoid engaging in hostile or inappropriate exchanges, especially via written communication. Clear and respectful communication can help mitigate conflicts and present a positive image in court.

Document Your Involvement

Maintain detailed records of your parenting time, activities, and involvement in your child’s life. A comprehensive calendar provides tangible evidence of your commitment and active participation, which can be compelling in court proceedings.

By taking proactive steps to engage with your child’s life and documenting your involvement, you can present a compelling case for increased parenting time. Contact Vining Legal today for personalized guidance and assistance navigating custody and parenting time matters.

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